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1.    Who can participate in this campaign?

All ONEXOX Prepaid (inclusive of Wawa/TBG Prepaid) are eligible to participate in the campaign from 20/2/2024 to 21/3/2024. Prepaid enterprise users are excluded from the campaign. XOX and ONEXOX associates, dealers, employees are not eligible for the campaign.


2.    When is the campaign period?

The campaign period is from 20th February 2024 until 21st March 2024.


3.    How does it work and how do I participate?

Prepaid users make a top up of minimum RM10 per transaction via all XOX legitimate channels to be eligible for a random reward credited into BLACK App Reward Page. Every RM10 transaction will be entitled random reward.


4.    What would I get by participating in this campaign?

You will get from rewards ranging from Data, SMS, Minutes, electrical household items to a Perodua Axia! Topup RM10 and stand a chance to win!


5.    When will I receive my free reward vouchers?

You will receive you reward within 10 minutes upon top up of RM10.


6.    What happens if I win the grand/physical prizes.

You will receive a call and verification from XOX. We will verify your identity and to process your physical prizes/grand prizes by 21st April 2024, 30 days after the completion of the campaign.


7.    I forgot to redeem my data voucher within the redemption period. Can I get an extension on the voucher?

Unfortunately, all unredeemed vouchers credited will not be renewed or extended once it has passed its expiry date. So do redeem your data vouchers before it expires!


8.    Can I exchange my rewards for cash?

The rewards are non-exchangeable and non-redeemable for cash, credit, or rebate in full or in part.



Last Updated on 19th February 2024