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1.       What is 5G?
5G is the fifth generation of technology for mobile networks, succeeding 4G. You will enjoy improved connectivity and online experience while using 5G services.

2.       What is the WOW factor about 5G?
With the long-awaited 5G, you will get to enjoy:

·         Multi-Gbps peak connection speeds

·         Smoother and higher availability of connection

·         Larger network capacity

·         Lower latency and delay

·         A more consistent and stable user experience

3.       When will 5G access be available?
5G access will be available starting on 4th January 2024.

4.       What plans are eligible for 5G access?
5G is accessible for all plans as mentioned below:

·         BLACK Plans including MySISWA and FC Plans;

·         ONEXOX Prepaid, TBG Prepaid, and WAWA Prepaid;

·         ONEfamily.

*Subscribers of Unlimited 35 and Pakej Perpaduan cannot enjoy the 5G speed as the speed cap for the plans are at 3Mbps.


5.       Who is eligible for 5G access?

New Subscribers for any of the plans mentioned above (via new registration, MNP, or COBP), with physical SIM or eSIM are eligible for 5G access.

Existing Subscribers of all XOX Plans are also eligible for 5G access.

6.       How much is the cost to access 5G?
Good news! 5G access is currently free of charge. You may enjoy 5G services at no additional costs.

7.       How do I access 5G?

XOX will send an SMS notification to new Subscribers to opt in for 5G access. Subscribers may opt in by replying “5G ON” to 22777.


Existing Subscribers that are interested to access 5G may also opt in by replying “5G ON” to 22777.

8.       What’s next after opting in for 5G?

Upon receiving the SMS notification on successful provisioning, you will be able to use 5G services automatically.

9.       Why am I unable to activate 5G?

Consider checking the following:

i.         Ensure that your mobile device is compatible for 5G connection.
Check for compatible devices here:

ii.       Activate VoLTE in your mobile device settings.
Check how to activate VoLTE here

iii.     Ensure that you are within the 5G coverage area.

iv.     Check your mobile device settings & complete the following steps:

Go to Settings > Connection > Mobile Networks > Network Mode > Select 5G/LTE/3G/2G (Auto Connect)


Remember, you can only enjoy 5G services when you are within the 5G coverage area. You may refer to the 5G icon in your mobile device’s status bar to check if you are in a 5G enabled area.


10.   Where are the 5G coverage areas?
Feel free to check it out here:


11.   What if I am still unable to access 5G after checking the settings mentioned above?
If you are still unable to access 5G, please contact XOX Customer Service.


12.   Can I still revert to 4G?
Of course! If you wish to revert to 4G, follow the steps below:
Go to Settings > Connection > Mobile Networks > Network Mode > Select LTE/3G/2G (Auto Connect)


13.   How can I turn off 5G access?
To turn off 5G access, Subscribers may send the command code, “5G OFF” to 22777.


14.   Will 5G services consume my data quota faster?
Data consumption will depend on your personal usage and the content you are browsing. Do keep in mind that 5G services are meant to provide usage for mobile services only. In case of default, XOX has a right to immediately stop the 5G services provided.

15.   When will 5G become widely available nationwide?
Make sure to follow us on our journey at XOX Facebook and stay tune for updates on 5G!


16.   What will happen if I perform any SIM Replacement after my number has been provisioned?
If you perform any SIM Replacement activities after your number has been provisioned, the 5G services will be deprovisioned momentarily. Don’t worry, the 5G services will be resumed within 5 working days!

17.   I was part of the ONEXOX 5G Trial Program. Can I still enjoy the 5G Services?
Good news, yes! Subscribers involved in the ONEXOX 5G Trial Program may continue to enjoy the 5G Services at no additional cost.

18.   Will I be automatically charged when the 5G access is no longer complimentary?
Don’t worry! You will be notified before any charges are imposed. XOX will keep you posted on the 5G updates, changes, and rates.

19.   What happens if I do not have any active data in my Prepaid Plan 60 days after the date of activation?
Unfortunately, the 5G services will no longer be available for you.

20.   What happens if I port-out or terminate my XOX number?
The 5G services will no longer be available for non-XOX Subscribers.


Last Updated on 3rd January 2024