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The Bos Gaurus (TBG) Edition Plans Frequently Asked Questions

1.       What are the TBG Edition plans about?

In conjunction with the acquisition of Perak Football Club (Perak FC) in 2022, the TBG Edition plans are reintroduced as TBG39, TBG59, TBG89, and TBG150 for Subscribers to enjoy special benefits in support of Perak FC. The details of the plans are as stated below: 


2.       Who is eligible to subscribe to the TBG Edition plans?

To register for any of the TBG Edition plans, the Subscriber must be eighteen (18) years old and above. The Subscriber must have a valid NRIC.


3.       When will the TBG Edition plans be available for purchase?

The TBG Edition plans will be available for purchase from 29th March 2023 onwards.


4.       How much are the TBG Edition plans?

The rates of the TBG Edition plans are as shown below:



5.       How can I purchase the TBG Edition plans?

You may purchase any of the TBG Edition plans via the following channels below:



6.       How can I find out about my TBG Edition plan Internet data balance?

To get the latest Internet data balance, you may check via:

• SMS: Send “BAL” to 23388 or 22111

• USSD Easy Menu: Dial *150*1#

• XOX Self Care

• Black App


7.       Can I buy Season Pass data under the TBG Edition plans?

Yes, you may purchase Season Pass and Happy Hour if you need more data except for TBG150 which comes
        with unlimited data.


8.       Is there any limit for the hotspot usage?

No, there’s no limit for the hotspot usage for the TBG Edition plans. So, feel free to share your Internet data to your other devices. Psssst! Not many service providers offer unlimited hotspot, but we do!

9.       How many devices can be connected using the hotspot feature?

You can hotspot to as many devices as you want and share high-speed data with everyone as long as there is active data available! Again, another factor that differentiates us from our competitors!

10.   If I purchased the TBG Edition plans, can I request for a refund?

No, you may not. All purchases of the TBG Edition plans are final and not eligible for a refund.

11.   If I change my mind after purchasing the TBG Edition plans, can I request to exchange it for something else?

No, you may not. All purchases of the TBG Edition plans by Subscribers are final and not exchangeable.

Last Updated on 13th March 2023