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1.      What is the ULTIMATE 35 plan?

The ULTIMATE 35 plan offers unlimited data capped at 3Mbps under the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) that can be used as hotspot to unlimited device and 50 Mins talk time for only RM35 to all ONEXOX Prepaid Subscribers for thirty (30) days with each subscription.

2.      Who is eligible to purchase ULTIMATE 35 plan?

This deal is applicable to the following:

Existing Subscriber - As a Data Plan

·       Existing ONEXOX Prepaid Subscribers


New Subscriber - As a Welcome Deal

·       New ONEXOX Prepaid Subscribers (New & MNP)

·       BONUS! – New ONEXOX Prepaid Subscribers will get 36 months validity for FREE

3.      When will the ULTIMATE 35 plan be available?

The ULTIMATE 35 Plan will be available starting from 18th November 2021 until further notice.


4.      What are the benefits of subscribing to ULTIMATE 35 plan?

For Existing ONEXOX Prepaid Subscribers

·       Glad you asked! You can enjoy unlimited hotspot & unlimited data capped at 3Mbps under the Fair Usage Policy (FUP).


For New ONEXOX Prepaid Subscribers

·       Glad you asked! You can enjoy unlimited hotspot & unlimited data capped at 3Mbps under the FUP (Fair Usage Policy).

·       You will also be getting 36 months validity for your line.

5.      When will I receive 36 months validity after purchasing ULTIMATE 35 Plan as a Welcome Deal?

You will receive the 28 months validity immediately upon successfully purchasing the ULTIMATE 35 Plan as a Welcome Deal. The additional 8 months validity is credited in the form of voucher and redeemable through BLACK App Reward page within thirty (30) days.


6.      What are the details of the ULTIMATE 35 plan?


7.      How many times can I purchase or subscribe to ULTIMATE 35 Plan?

Existing Subscriber - As A Data Plan

You can subscribe to the ULTIMATE 35 plan as many times as you want as long as your line is active.


New Subscriber - As A Welcome Deal

You can only purchase the ULTIMATE 35 plan as a Welcome Deal once, within 10 days from the date your line is activated.

Example: You have registered and successfully activated a new ONEXOX Prepaid number on 20th November 2021, the deals shall be valid for you until 29th November 2021, 11.59pm.


8.      How can I get the 50 Mins?

The 50 Mins will be directly credited into your Season Pass counter after each successful purchase or renewal.

9.      Can I carry forward the 50 Mins?

Yes, any unused or remaining minutes can be carried forward to the next month!

10.  Are Subscribers of the Ultimate 35 plan entitled to purchase Season Pass?

Yes, Subscribers can purchase Season Pass.

11.  Does this plan have the auto-renewal feature?

Yes! The ULTIMATE 35 plan does have the auto-renewal subscription feature where the plan will auto-renew on the respective renewal date if Subscribers have sufficient credit.


12.   How long is the validity for the ULTIMATE 35 plan?

Each subscription of the ULTIMATE 35 plan will be valid for thirty (30) days upon successful purchase.


13.  What is the speed for the ULTIMATE 35 Plan?

    The speed will be capped at 3Mbps throughout the active data cycle period. 


14. Where can users buy Ultimate 35 Plan?


15.  What will happen after the subscription has been fully utilized before 30 days?

Subscribers will need to repurchase the Ultimate 35 plan.


16.  What if I wish to stop auto-renewal for ULTIMATE 35 plan?

Send ‘DATA AR OFF’ to 23388 to request to stop auto-renewal for ULTIMATE 35 plan.


Last Updated on 9th February 2023