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1.      What is 3G Sunset?

It is a process of shutting down the 3GB network and the discontinuation of all 3G related services such as data, talk time and SMS services.


2.      Why is XOX shutting down their 3G network?

We are certain that you have heard about the Jalinan Digital Negara (JENDELA) initiative by the government. The 3G Sunset is one of the efforts under the programme and it aims to improve wireless broadband speed for Malaysians by migrating existing spectrum to 4G technology by end of 2021!


3.      Is the 3G Sunset applicable for XOX Mobile users only?

All service providers in Malaysia and their subscribers will be a part of this.


4.      When is XOX shutting down their 3G Network?

It will be by phases! The target is for the migration to be done gradually this year (2021) and expected to complete by 31st December 2021.


5.      Where are the XOX 3G sites located?

XOX 3G Sunset is applicable for all regions under Celcom sites nationwide.


6.      Is XOX shutting down their 2G network too?

As of now, the 2G network and services will be available as usual!

1.      How do I know if I am a 3G network user?

There are few ways you can check or identify:

a)      If you are using 3G devices.

b)      If you are using 4G devices but majority of the time will connect to the 3G network.

c)      Check the network indicator icon displayed on your phone. If it indicates 3G most of the time, then you may be a heavy user of the 3G network.


2.      What will I experience if I fail to prepare for the 3G Sunset by upgrading to a 4G device?

We want you to experience the best! However, if you did not manage to do the necessary preparations, you are only able to use services on the 2G network which may have lower speed and limited coverage.

We highly suggest getting onboard, so you will have the best network experience and greater data speeds at all times!


3.      I am currently using a 4G device. Why is it connected to the 3G network?

There are still few areas that does not have a strong 4G connection yet. But thanks to JENDELA and its plan to improve mobile coverage nationwide, this will no longer be an issue in time!


4.      If I am on a 3G device, do I need to buy a new device?

 A 4G device upgrade is needed to experience the best of the 4G network!


5.      Am I required to change my current SIM Card?

Fortunately, you don’t have to! To enjoy the 4G network perks, you can just continue using your existing SIM Card.


6.      How is XOX helping me to make the switch to 4G?

We will send out necessary notifications and/or reminder to upgrade to a 4G device via XOX BLACK App and SMS! We are also in the process to offer the best 4G plans for our subscribers to enjoy!


7.      What will happen to my current plan/package? Will it be changed?

Your current mobile plan will remain the same! But you can always request for a plan upgrade from us, anytime you need!


8.      Will 3G sunset affect my bill or incur higher charges?

Just like your mobile plan, payment will remain the same as your current subscription.


9.      How is XOX going to inform me of the exact time of the 3G shutdown in my area?

The relevant information will be up on our website ( and will be updated from time to time!



10.   When will 3G sunset be fully completed?

It will be completed by the end of 2021!

11.      What will happen to me if I choose not to upgrade my device? Will I be able to continue using 2G?

We understand you would like some options. Yes, you are still able to use the 2G services. But we highly suggest upgrading for a seamless data experience! 



12.      Where can I go or contact for more information or queries?

Reach out to us via our Socials!

FB: XOX Malaysia

IG: @xoxmalaysia

Or call our Careline centre!

Using XOX Number: 12273

Using Any Number: 1300 888 010


13.       If I decide to not upgrade or switch to 4G upon 3G sunset, what will happen to my current contract/plan?

Your current contract and plan will remain the same, but you will ride on the 2G network. We highly suggest upgrading and make the switch to 4G to enjoy uninterrupted data and voice services!


14.      Will there be any service disruption during 3G sunset?

Just make sure your device and SIM Card is 4G capable for the processes to be as smooth as possible!


15.       What will I experience once I’ve switched to a 4G device with 4G network, as compared to 3G network?

We know you love your speed! You are able to enjoy greater data speed and wider network coverage once you have switched!

1.      Will the 3G Sunset affect only XOX related services/devices?

Since the plan is under the JENDELA program, all service providers are onboard with the plan. We will shut down our 3G network by the end of 2021.


2.      What are the services affected and what does the 3G service discontinuation mean to my business?

All related services currently running on or carried by the XOX 3G network will be affected such as data, talk time and SMS.


3.      Is there a requirement for equipment change? If so, will the cost be incurred by my Company or XOX?

As per standard M2M practice, XOX only provides connectivity services. Therefore, any charges for equipment change will be by respective enterprises/corporation’s own expense.


4.    Will 4G connectivity bring any significant changes to my business or operations? How and what kind of changes will I experience?

The 4G network can assist you in getting better network coverage and higher data speeds! This could help to improve your business operations!


5.      Will XOX reach out to me and help me with this 3G Sunset?

Yes! We will reach out to you via SMS or email notification and make sure you are updated with the upgrading works accordingly.


6.   When is 3G sunset happening? And how will I be informed to prevent any disruption to my business operations?

We will send out necessary notifications via SMS, email, XOX BLACK App, website or follow us in XOX FB Fanpage for updates during on the 3G sunset phases throughout 2021.


7.      When will 3G sunset be fully completed?

It will be fully completed by 31st December 2021.


8.       Will there be any service disruption during 3G sunset that will interfere with my business operations?

Just make sure you have the 4G SIM Card and devices, then the processes will be as seamless as possible!


9.      Would there be any other option for me as a business owner?

Yes, 2G network is still available for use and you can always opt for 4G network in order to get better network coverage!


10.   Can I use my existing M2M SIM to subscribe M2M 4G LTE?

LTE is supported for 3G USIM only. For MCS, all 3G is USIM. If you are subscribing to other type of SIM, you are not able to subscribe LTE. We highly suggest arranging for SIM upgrade and subscribe to M2M 4G LTE.

However, for customers that are subscribed to 2G SIM and wishes to upgrade to LTE, they are required to replace their 2G SIM to USIM.


11.   How do I subscribe to M2M 4G LTE?

·       Login to M2M Connected Services Self-Care Centre and go to Customer > Provisioning.

·       Select same package or different package and click Next.

·        Select single or by range from either the serial number or MSISDN, add to cart and click Next

·       Check and confirm then click Next again to confirm. A pop up summary page will appear to check details and press Submit to confirm.


12.   What are the charges for subscribing M2M 4G LTE?

As of now, there are no charges!


13.   What happen if I've added-on M2M 4G LTE but I'm using a non-compliant 4G LTE device?

It will be operating at 2G speeds depending on the area. We highly suggest using a 4G LTE device for a seamless network experience!