Terms & Conditions for the usage of XOX MOBILE operator services and products





1.       These terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) contain important information that governs the Subscriber’s use of the MySISWA Plan (“Plan”) and data usage and data speed to the Internet (“Service”). Upon subscription to the MySISWA Plan, you, the Subscriber, is deemed to have read, unconditionally accepted, and be bound by these Terms and Conditions as may be amended from time to time.

2.       The MySISWA Plan and Service are subject to the General and Specific Terms and Conditions governing the use of XOX Mobile Sdn Bhd (“XOX”) Services and Products, XOX Fair Usage Policy, Data Buffet Plans Terms and Conditions, and any other applicable terms and conditions, all at ONEXOX’s official website at XOX Terms and Condition.

3.       XOX reserves the rights without liability to revise these Terms and Conditions, Plan and our pricing. Where reasonably practicable, XOX will provide the Subscriber reasonable prior notice of such changes. Once such changes have been made, all previous versions of XOX Subscriber guides or leaflets shall be superseded. The Subscriber accepts the responsibility to regularly review information on the Plan and Services and XOX website, including changes to these Terms and Conditions. The Subscriber’s continued use of the Plan and/or Service after the effective date of any revisions/changes to the Terms and Conditions, shall constitute unconditional acceptance of such revisions/changes and therefore the Subscriber shall be bound by the same. If the Subscriber do not accept such revisions/changes, the Subscriber may terminate and/or discontinue using the Plan and/or Service, failing which the Subscriber shall be assumed to have accepted the changes.




4.       The Plan is launched on 31st July 2023 and shall continue to be available for subscription until further notice, subject to the General Eligibility as set out below.

5.       On 27th September 2023, MySISWA plan is reintroduced as Unlimited for new subscribers, while for existing Subscribers of the Plan, it will take effect on their new Billing Cycle.


6.       The Services under the Plan are subject to the following:


Plan Code


Monthly Fee


Total data quota


FUP (Data)


Talk Time




     *Fair Usage Policy applies.


7.       The Plan commences on the date of successful activation of the MySISWA Plan (“Activation”).

8.       MySISWA Data Plan is a Data Buffet Plan (DB Plan) that is subject to the FUP quota of 60GB. Upon reaching the FUP limit, the speed will throttle to 512Kbps.
The Internet Service Package is as follows:

Plan Code


Data from Data Buffet (DB)

40GB (8GB up to 5x a month)

Total Data (GB)

60GB (20GB Base data + 8GB up to 5x a month)

 For more information, please refer to the Data Buffet Plans Terms and Conditions.

9.       The unlimited Talk Time and allocated SMS under the MySISWA Plan applies to:

(a)    All networks (i.e., within Malaysian networks) and for domestic usages only; excluding video calls, calls to numbers with special charges or calls to toll-free numbers (i.e., 1-300/1-800/600, 121, TM100, 1MOCC, IDD calls to Singapore & IDD/border calls to Brunei);

(b)    Standard person-to-person calls or texts and not for any commercial and/or non-personal usage. For the avoidance of doubt, non-standard usage of calls or texts include, but are not limited to, multiple simultaneous calling, conference calling, re-supply, call centre usage, telemarketing, bulk messaging, application-to-person communication, continuously call forwarding, auto-dialling, machine-to-machine communication (including using your SIM card in any other devices), Cellular Trunking Units (CTUs), or any other activity XOX considered to be non-standard usage.

10.   For data allocated under the MySISWA Plan, the Subscriber(s) acknowledge and agree that:

(a)    If the mobile data usage of Subscribers’ MySISWA Plan exceeds the allocated data, XOX may at its absolute discretion limit the browsing speed and the quality of video streaming; and

(b)    The Plan is solely for personal and non-commercial purposes only, and the Plan shall not be used for any form of commercial gain.

11.   XOX reserves the rights to alter, modify, change, suspend the Plan or any part thereof with or without prior notice to the Subscriber. XOX shall at all times be indemnified of any and all liability for any loss or inconvenience to the Subscriber resulting therefrom.



12.   The Subscriber must be (i) between (16) to (25) years of age; (ii) a registered student at accredited Higher Education Institutes in Malaysia; and (iii) a Malaysian citizen.

13.   Registered students above twenty-five (25) years old must present a valid Student ID Card to be eligible for the Plan.


14.   The Plan is open to all new and existing ONEXOX Subscribers, subject to Clause 12 herein.

15.   MySISWA Plan shall be available for new registration numbers and Mobile Number Portability (“MNP”) only. Change of Plan for existing registered numbers are unavailable until further notice.

16.   XOX reserves the right at its sole discretion to include any other Subscribers whom XOX deems fit for the Plan.




17.   MySISWA Plan is available for subscription at RM35/month.

18.   Subscriber(s) may sign up for the MySISWA Plan via the following platforms:

(a)    XOX and ONEXOX Official Dealers

(b)    XOX Online Store


19.   Each Subscriber must present their Student ID Card upon registration for MySISWA Plan.

20.   Each Subscriber is allowed to register for up to FIVE (5) MySISWA Plans using the same NRIC, including any ONEXOX BLACK Plans and FC Plans.



21.   Subscribers may manage their line on XOX BLACK App and XOX Self Care.

22.   The Subscriber may perform the following actions:


a.       Check Data, Talk Time, and SMS counter balance;

b.       Check Data Buffet top up

c.       View account status

d.       Purchase Data Add-Ons

e.       Retrieve bill statements; and

f.        Make payments.




23.   Subscribers under the Plan are not eligible to share Data, Talk Time and SMS to any and all other XOX Subscribers.  

24.   Subscribers under the Plan are eligible to receive Data, Talk Time and SMS from any and all other XOX Subscribers.  



25.   Subscribers under the Plan are eligible to purchase any Season Pass Packages or Happy Hour Promotions.




26.   Subscribers may purchase Data Add-Ons via BLACK App as stated below:

Data Add-Ons

Price (RM)






27.   Any unused data remaining from the Data Add-Ons cannot be carried forward.

28.   XOX reserves the right to alter, modify, change, suspend and/or cease this Data Add-Ons service and to amend and modify these Terms and Conditions, including prices and denominations in which the Data Add-Ons may be purchased, without prior notice for any legitimate commercial, technical, or operational reason.



29.   Change of Plan (COBP) from MySISWA Plan to any Prepaid Plans is allowed.

30.   Subscriber may upgrade or downgrade to other BLACK Plans.

31.   COP from any Prepaid Plans and all BLACK Plans to MySISWA Plan is allowed.

32.   COP from MySISWA Plan to SISWA PLUS is allowed. (Coming soon)

33.   COP from SISWA PLUS to MySISWA Plan is not allowed.

34.   The Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that, in the event that COP occurs, all existing credit, data, talk time, SMS, ADX points, and/or any other value-added services shall be forfeited.



35.   The MySISWA Plan operates on a 30-day Billing Cycle, starting from the date of Activation of the Plan.



36.   The Subscriber agrees and undertakes to pay promptly all usage charges due and payable for all Services registered under the Subscriber’s account number irrespective of whether or not such services have been used or partly used or misused by any third party or an unauthorised person by the Subscriber. The Subscriber further agrees and undertakes that in the event of sums due and unpaid, XOX reserves the right to withhold or forfeit the balance amounts, if any, or rewards or bonus points from the Subscriber’s account or barred, suspend, restrict, disconnect, impose reconnection fee and/or terminate the Services(s).

37.   The Subscriber acknowledges that if any charges remain unpaid under the Subscriber’s account, XOX has the right to charge to the Subscriber’s credit card for such amount outstanding for any XOX Products or Services.


38.   The Subscriber can make payment for the Subscriber’s monthly bill via direct debit, credit card, online banking or E-Wallet for the Service(s). The Subscriber confirms that the Subscriber is the lawful and authorised holder of the Card or where the Card belongs to a third party, the Cardholder is a lawful and authorised holder of the Card. The Subscriber also confirms that the Card is valid and will remain valid throughout the duration of the Subscriber’s use of direct debit, credit card or online banking.

39.   Subscribers shall continue to be responsible for and to pay all charges during any period of suspension, interruption, or loss of the Service (“Suspension Period”) regardless of where Suspension was at the Subscriber’s request or caused by Subscriber’s default.

40.   Subscribers will need to make payment to maintain an Active account to prevent their account from being Barred.

41.   Subscribers may make additional payment that exceeds their Plan via direct debit, credit card, online banking or E-Wallet and the additional payment will be carried forward and reflected in their next bill statement.

42.   The bill is subject to six per cent (6%) service tax under the Service Tax Act 2018 (SST) or any other tax imposed by government, of which will be calculated into the monthly bill at the end of the Subscriber’s Billing Cycle. For the avoidance of doubt, any additional usage charges shall be subject to the same six per cent (6%) service tax.


43.   For any enquiries relating to bills and payments, Subscribers may contact XOX call centre for clarification.



44.   Subscribers may terminate the subscription by contacting XOX’s careline or by completing the termination form and forwarding the form to XOX within SEVEN (7) working days before the Subscribers’ next Billing Cycle. The termination form may be sent to XOX via email (enquiries@xox.com.my) or at any authorized XOX Care Centres.

45.   Upon termination, XOX reserves the right to forfeit all unused subscription including but not limited to unused credit, data, Talk Time, SMS, and/or ADX points.

46.   In the event of termination, the entirety amount under Advance Payment shall be forfeited, whereby the Subscriber(s) shall not be eligible to any refund in cash and/or any other form. For the avoidance of doubt, there shall not be any pro-rate refund to the Subscriber(s) for the termination.

47.   In the event the Subscribers’ subscription is terminated due to overdue unpaid charges, XOX shall not be liable for any payment or refund of unused subscription, credit and/or monies under the Subscribers’ account. In such event and with no prior notice, Subscribers will lose all rights and/or entitlement previously accumulated including but not limited to unused credit, data, talk time, SMS, ADX points, and E-Wallet credit under the Subscribers’ subscription (if any).

48.   In the event of a Line termination, XOX reserves the right to use Subscribers’ E-Wallet balance to reduce/settle any outstanding amount/balance. Any reduction made from E-Wallet balance shall not be deemed as full and final settlement of any outstanding amount/balance. Subscriber shall continue to be responsible and liable to settle any amount owing and due to XOX (if any).

49.   Termination shall be without prejudice to any existing rights and/or claims that XOX may have against the Subscriber and the Subscriber shall continue to fulfil his/her obligations including full payment or all outstanding charges prior to the date of termination.

50.   XOX may, without any liability to the Subscriber, terminate and suspend all or any part of the Service without giving any reason.



51.   All communications, notices, and/or documents to be given by XOX to you shall be in writing and sent to the Subscriber at the address on the registration form or the last known address. It shall be the Subscribers’ responsibility to provide accurate, current, and updated personal details.

52.   Any such communication or notice, including legal process given by XOX to the Subscriber shall be deemed to have been served, if:

(a)    By hand, at the time of delivery;

(b)    By registered post, on the 2nd working day after posting irrespective of whether it is returned as undelivered;

(c)     By ordinary post, on the 5th working day after posting irrespective of whether it is returned as undelivered;

(d)    By email, at the time the recipient’s email address is shown on the sender’s email print-out stating the date and time;

(e)    By facsimile transmission, at the time shown on the sender’s receipt of a transmission report indicating a successful transmission to the recipient’s registered number, provided that notice shall be in addition thereon be sent by post.




53.   The above Terms and Conditions will be governed by the laws of Malaysia and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of Malaysian courts.

54.   XOX is entitled to make any alternations or changes to the Services in whole or any part thereof, or withdraw, suspend, disconnect, or terminate the Services and will not be liable to the Subscriber or any third party for any loss.

55.   XOX may at our discretion with prior notice, vary the amount of deposit, fees, and any charges for the Services or part thereof and to change the Billing Cycle.

56.   XOX reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue, terminate & add all or any Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. The Terms and Conditions stated herein shall continue to apply subject to any changes, amendments, modifications, suspensions, continuations, variations, modifications, terminations and/or additions contained in this document and shall be read and construed to be enforceable as if such changes, amendments, modifications, suspensions, continuations, variations, modifications, terminations and/or additions were inserted in the document. Continued use of the Service following any amendment or changes to the terms constitutes an acceptance to those changes.

57.   Where the Terms and Conditions are translated into a language other than the English Language, in the event of any inconsistencies, conflicts or discrepancies between the terms and conditions set out in the English Language version and that of the other language(s), the English Language version shall prevail.

58.   Subscribers shall not assign or novate any or part of Subscribers’ rights and/or obligations under this Terms and Conditions to any party, without XOX’s consent. Subscribers agree that XOX may assign or novate all or part of the Agreement to any third party by notice to Subscribers without obtaining prior consent. Subscribers’ continued usage, after such notice on you will be deemed as consent to continue with the Service after such novation and Subscribers agree to be bound as instructed in such or any further notice. XOX shall not be liable for any cost, lost or damage (whether direct or indirect), loss of profits or any consequential loss as a result of the Subscriber’s use of the Service.

59.   Any specific Service(s) the Subscribers use is subject to this Terms and Conditions as amended and/or supplemented by the applicable BLACK Specific Terms & Conditions (which prevails over this Terms and Conditions).


Last Updated on 7th February 2024