Terms & Conditions for the usage of XOX MOBILE operator services and products




1.   Unlimited 35 Data Plan ("the data Plan”) offers unlimited data to unlimited hotspot devices and unlimited Talk Time for all ONEXOX Prepaid for thirty (30) days ("Validity Period of the Plan”) from successful purchase and subscription of the Plan. The term “unlimited hotspot device” means Subscribers can share hotspot to as many devices as subscribers want and share data with anyone as long as there is active data.


2.      The Plan is only available to the following Subscribers:

(i)        Existing ONEXOX Prepaid Subscribers, provided that the Subscriber is not subscribed to any other data plan; and

(ii)       New ONEXOX Prepaid Subscribers (New Sign Up & Port In via Mobile Number Portability (MNP)) ("New Subscribers”)

(iii)     New Subscribers who purchase the Unlimited 35 Plan as a Welcome Deal within ten (10) calendar days upon successful SIM card activation and will receive twenty-eight (28) months validity immediately and an additional eight (8) months validity voucher to be claimed from Black App, extended from the purchase date.


3.    Subscribers who switch plan from ONEXOX BLACK to ONEXOX Prepaid may only purchase the Unlimited 35 Plan as a data plan. Subscribers are NOT eligible to purchase the Unlimited 35 Plan as a Welcome Deal package and will NOT receive the thirty-six (36) months validity.

4.  Subscribers who request for account reinstatement (Either reinstatement for ONEXOX Prepaid, or ONEXOX BLACK to ONEXOX Prepaid) are not eligible to buy the Welcome Deal package and twenty-eight (28) months validity.


5.   The unlimited Internet and Talk Time usage of the Plan shall be subjected to the terms and conditions of XOX’s Fair Usage Policy and is capped at 100GB data monthly and within the Validity Period.


6.    The unlimited data minutes from the Unlimited 35 Plan are not sharable.


7.  The new UNLIMITED 35 Data Plan will commence from 06th September 2023 and will be available until further notice.


8.  The Plan is on auto-renewal basis. It will be automatically renewed after 30 days as long as Subscribers have sufficient airtime in their account. In the event Subscribers wish to stop the renewal of the Plan, Subscribers may SMS ‘DATA AR OFF’ to 23388.


9.    Unless expressly stated, the Plan cannot be combined with any other offers.


10. The base data speed and all data add on speed under the Plan will be capped at 3Mbps for each   subscription.


11. The Plan cannot be transferred to or shared with other mobile numbers.

Other Terms & Conditions

1.    The Plan is provided according to the Specific ONEXOX Prepaid Terms and Conditions and the General Terms and Conditions for BLACK and Prepaid. You must comply with those terms including our Privacy Policy, Fair Usage Policy, these terms and conditions, and any other additional terms and conditions which may be applicable (collectively, the "Terms") and are subject to changes.

2.   XOX reserves the right to alter, change, terminate, extend the Plan or amend, modify the terms and conditions stated herein at its sole discretion any time without prior notice.

3.      Actual speed may vary and may be affected by circumstances not limited to general internet traffic.

4.      The data service is subject to network limitations and device capability.

5.    XOX does not warrant that the Services and/or the Plan shall be uninterruptible and/or error free. By subscribing, Subscribers hereby acknowledges and irrevocably agrees that XOX shall not in any manner whatsoever be liable for any technical failures of any kind, system/server interruption and/or any electronic error arising from the Subscriber’s use or purchase of the Plan unless the same arise from and are caused directly by XOX’s gross negligence or wilful default.

Last Updated 06th September 2023