Terms & Conditions for the usage of XOX MOBILE operator services and products




1.       The Plan and Service are subject to the General Terms & Conditions, this Specific Terms & Conditions, and any other applicable terms and conditions and/or policies, all at https://onexox.my/


2.       Capitalised terms herein have the same meaning as defined in the General Terms & Conditions.


3.       XOX MOBILE reserve the rights without liability, to revise and/or amend this Specific Terms & Conditions, modify, suspend, continue, terminate, add to the Plan, and revise our pricing. Where reasonably practicable, XOX MOBILE will give Subscribers reasonable advance notice of such changes. Subscribers continued use of the subscription and/or the service following the Effective Date of any such change shall constitute unconditional acceptance by you of such change and Subscribers shall be bound by the same. Subscribers accept to be responsible for regularly viewing information at https://onexox.my/



1.       XOX MOBILE welcomes Subscribers with these Welcome Deals. These deals will commence from 5th May 2017 until further notice.


2.       These deals are only applicable to the following: -    

a.       new Subscribers to ONEXOX Prepaid plan,

b.       existing Subscribers activating ONEXOX Prepaid plan via MNP, or

c.       new SIM pack.


3.       Upon successful activation of the SIM pack starting from 26th April 2017, Subscribers will be eligible to purchase Welcome Deals as long as it is still within TEN (10) calendar days upon prepaid plan activation.

4.       Any request(s) after TEN (10) days of prepaid plan activation will not be entertained. Packages are subjected to changes.

5.       Below is the list of Welcome Deals available for Subscribers to purchase:



6.       For Subscribers who purchase a new SIM pack or has switched to ONEXOX Prepaid (MNP) via Online Store, please refer to the process below.

7.       Upon first successful purchase of Welcome Deals, Subscribers will receive TWENTY-EIGHT (28) months validity within THREE (3) days, extended from purchase date.


8.       Subscribers’ TWENTY-EIGHT (28) months validity entitlement is for ONE (1) time only- purchasing at least ONE (1) Season Pass Welcome Deal package.


9.       Any top-up made by ONEXOX Prepaid Subscribers before the 28 months validity entitlement will be calculated into the validity as well.


10.   Each Season Pass FAT Welcome Deal Packages can only be purchased ONCE (1) per mobile number.


11.   Once purchased, Subscribers can share data minutes and/or SMS with any other XOX MOBILE Subscribers, limited to THREE (3) transactions per day.


12.   Subscribers are strictly restricted from sharing any data, minutes and/or SMS with any XOX MOBILE Authorized Dealer’s number.



1.       ONEXOX Prepaid comes with an additional 8 months validity starting on 14th October 2022.


2.       The additional 8 months validity is only for new ONEXOX Prepaid Subscribers who register and purchase Welcome Deals for the first time starting on 14th October 2022.


3.       ONEXOX Prepaid Subscribers will receive the additional 8 months validity in voucher form through BLACK App within THREE (3) days after the first subscription of ONEXOX Prepaid and purchase of Welcome Deals (one time only).


4.       Subscribers are required to download BLACK App and claim the 8 months validity voucher through BLACK App > Profile > Reward within the redemption period of THIRTY (30) days.


5.       Subscribers under enterprise registration are not entitled to the additional 8 months validity.



1.       XOX Fair Usage Policy is intended to ensure that our customers do not use our services in an excessive, unreasonable, or fraudulent manner. Such usage may impact the quality or reliability of our services.

2.       Our Fair Usage Policy applies when you use any of our special offers giving you calls, texts, photos, or data usage for free or at rates lower than our standard rates or for unlimited access to, such calls, texts, photos or data usage.

3.       By accepting our Terms and Conditions for Service, you agree to be bound by this Policy.

4.       We may change the Policy from time to time without further notice to you. Please refer to XOX Fair Usage Policy periodically to determine any changes to this Policy. Any changes to this Policy will automatically become effective and will apply to you from the date such changes are posted on the website.

5.       You are prohibited from using the Services which can compromise the security or tamper with our system resources or accounts on our systems, or at any other site accessible via our systems.

6.       Our network is a shared resource, and you agree to use the Services, in a considerate manner, which must not unfairly exploit the usage, affect the experience of other Subscribers, or cause us loss – for example, but not limited to, the Services for reselling purposes, unreasonable bandwidth consumption, or accessing services which are prohibited under the Terms and Conditions for service or using unauthorized device.

7.       We wish to bring to your attention for all our customers to have a positive internet experience and to emphasize that it is important for all our customers to practice responsible usage of the allocated bandwidth based on normal usage.

8.       You will be responsible for the security of your own devices that are directly or indirectly connected to our network.

9.       For our XOX Mobile Data Plan, your total usage per month shall NOT exceed from the allocated data volume transmitted (total upload and download usage). This is to ensure that no subscriber can congest the bandwidth at all times.

10.   If you are found to be in violation of this policy, we may, at our option and discretion manage your bandwidth, suspend, or terminate the Services (with or without notice as we may consider appropriate).

11.   To report any illegal or unacceptable use of the services, please send an email to https://onexox.my/

12.   XOX reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of this Policy from time to time with or without notice to the customer and the customer shall be bound by such variation and changes.

13.   This Policy is supplemental and shall be read together as an integral part of terms and conditions of governing the Services and its relevant addendum. If there is any inconsistency between the Policy and the terms and conditions of the Services, the terms and conditions governing the Services posted on the website at https://onexox.my/ will prevails.

14.   For the avoidance of doubt, below is the calculation that XOX MOBILE uses to calculate the kilobytes for the internet data quota:

a.       1GB = 1,024MB

b.       1MB = 1,024KB

c.       1GB = 1,048,576KB



1.       XOX MOBILE does not guarantee or warrant the availability of the data usage and the Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that the data usage is provided on an "as is" basis.

2.       To experience 4G LTE speed, Subscribers must use a 4G compatible device and the data service is used in an area with 4G network.

3.       Software and applications which are used by Subscribers to send and/or receive, for uploading and/or downloading of files can contain very large amounts of data. These software and applications demand a significantly huge amount of bandwidth which will negatively impact the speed and cause network congestion. As a result, a vast majority of Subscribers will be affected from degradation of the quality of Service, and as such is deemed as excessive usage. Excessive usage can also be caused by spamming, virus activities, spy wares and/or other malwares which may reside in Subscribers’ Devices. These activities may be known or unknown to Subscribers and normally operates in the background of the Devices’ operations. Therefore, Subscribers must take all precautions and rightful actions to ensure that the above activities are controlled and minimised at all times. XOX MOBILE reserves the right to implement and enforce this Mobile Data Usage Policy at its sole discretion upon an occurrence of such activities.

4.       The data volume calculation shall take into consideration of ALL activities carried out by Subscribers including those knowing or unknowingly done under the Service.

5.       The responsibilities of proving shall be on Subscribers to ensure that the Devices are free from all viruses, spybots and malwares when using the Service. XOX MOBILE reserves the right to release any information if it is required to do so by any law, regulatory body, or court of law.

6.       Subscribers will not be able to use the data service if their account is in Barred and Blocked status. Subscribers may only continue to use the Internet Service once they perform a reload by the end of the Blocked period.



1.       ONEXOX Prepaid Subscribers will be able to use their minutes in their Season Pass counter to make calls to both numbers from XOX MOBILE and other telecommunication service providers as well.

2.       The Charging Block for ONEXOX Prepaid is 30sec/block from Prepaid credit and 60sec/block from Season Pass Counter. XOX MOBILE reserves the right to adjust the charging block at any time without prior notice or any liability to the Subscriber whatsoever.



1.       The Subscriber(s) acknowledges that SMS usage will be blocked upon reaching the given numbers of SMS reloaded.

2.       XOX MOBILE Prepaid SMS is used solely for domestic usage which is for all networks. This SMS will not be usable to send message(s) to any international number or roaming outside of Malaysia.


1.       Every RM1 = ONE (1) day of validity.

2.       Subscribers will need to top-up and stay Active to continue to make calls, SMS, and access to the internet to avoid their SIM Card from falling into Barred (Subscribers can only receive incoming voice calls and SMS with no outgoing calls, SMS, and mobile data).

3.       Subscribers must top-up to resume full Service. Subscribers must top up their Account before the SIM Card reaches the Blocked status, otherwise their Account will be terminated, and Subscribers’ balance credit will be forfeited. In such a circumstance, Subscribers’ mobile number will be withdrawn with immediate effect without prior written notice from XOX MOBILE. Subscribers will then have to purchase a new Starter Pack to access the Service.



1.       The reload validity of the Talk Time credit is the period of time between the date of reloading and the stipulated validity period stated on the back of Subscribers’ reload vouchers whereby they are granted access to the Services; i.e. 1 day for RM1.00 reload vouchers, 7 days for RM7.00 reload vouchers and 30 days for RM30.00 reload vouchers. (Note: The validity period of reloads purchased from the alternate reload channels will be the same as the regular reload vouchers. Every time Subscribers reload, their SIM Card will compare the remaining validity period of their existing Talk Time credit with the validity period of their new reload. The higher of the two validity periods will be effective).


2.       Reload vouchers which have passed the expiry date imprinted on them will not be usable and/or returnable.

3.       The reload vouchers are not refundable. Any value that has been reloaded is not refundable. XOX MOBILE will not be liable for any loss or damage due to reloading errors caused by the user of the voucher.

4.       XOX MOBILE reserves the right to forfeit any remaining Talk Time credit after the expiry of the respective validity periods.

5.       Any reload performed using any of the alternate reload channels outlined in this website or via any other channel which may be added from time to time will be subjected to their own respective terms and conditions that are not governed by XOX MOBILE.



1.       Prepaid Validity is the duration of a line being in the active status. It is when you can make and receive calls and send and receive SMS.

2.       In the telecommunications industry, RM1.00 = 1 day of validity.

3.       XOX MOBILE gives you TWENTY-EIGHT (28) months validity instantly by performing any ONE (1) of the following: -

a.       Purchase 10GB + 10GB (SP FAT10)

b.       Purchase 10GB + 333MIN (SP FAT10M)

c.       Purchase 20GB (SP FAT20)

d.       Purchase 5GB + 100 MIN (SP FAT5M)

e.       Purchase 333 MIN (SP FATVOICE)

f.        Purchase Ultimate Data + Hotspot (UNL35)

4.       You must successfully complete any ONE (1) of the above option in order to enjoy the TWENTY-EIGHT (28) months validity promo given by XOX MOBILE.

5.       Upon completion of one of the purchases above, you are entitled to receive an additional EIGHT (8) months validity in voucher form through BLACK App starting on 14th October 2022.

6.       Subscribers are required to download BLACK App and claim the EIGHT (8) months validity voucher through BLACK App > Profile > Reward within the redemption period of THIRTY (30) days.



1.       Auto-renewal is when your mobile data plan automatically renews at the end of your plan's expiry period, giving you a hassle-free experience in XOX MOBILE.

2.       XOX MOBILE Subscribers can only use the auto-renewal function provided they have an active monthly mobile data plan.

3.       Auto-renewal function is only applicable for our monthly mobile data plans including FAT Data plans, XTRA Data plans, Extra SYOX plan, and Ultimate 35 plan.

4.       Auto-renewal is NOT applicable for the Weekly and Daily Mobile Data plans.

5.       Auto-renewal function is also not applicable for add on packages as stated below: -

a.       Add On – 100MB

b.       Add on – 500MB

c.       Add on – 1GB

d.       Add on – 5GB

6.       To stop the auto-renewal function, Subscribers can send DATA AR OFF to 22111/23388.

7.       To terminate the mobile data plan immediately, Subscribers can send DATA END to 22111/23388.



1.       ONEXOX Prepaid Subscribers can only subscribe to a mobile data plan provided they have enough data in their Season Pass counter or Prepaid credit in their account.

2.       Whenever an ONEXOX Prepaid Subscriber subscribes to any mobile data plans, it will be taken from the Season Pass counter first.

3.       In the event they do not have enough data in their Season Pass counter, XOX MOBILE will automatically deduct their chosen mobile data plan based on the price from their Prepaid credit in their account.

4.       Here are the codes to subscribe to XOX MOBILE’s FAT Data plans:



5.       Daily Mobile Data Plan – 1GB for RM3.00 and/or 2GB for RM5.00 will only be deducted from the Subscriber’s Prepaid credit in their account.

6.       Here are the codes to subscribe to XOX MOBILE’s XTRA Data plans:

7.       Here are the codes to subscribe to XOX MOBILE’s Ultimate 35 and Extra SYOX plans:



1.       If ONEXOX Prepaid Subscribers run out of data before their mobile data plan is renewed, they will be able to purchase our data add on as stated in our website.

2.       ONEXOX Prepaid Subscribers can only purchase data add on provided that they have an active mobile data plan.

3.       XOX MOBILE’s data add on options are stated below: -




XOX MOBILE Sdn Bhd (hereinafter referred to as “XOX”) is hosting DATA LEBIH UNTUK BULAN BIRTHDAY ANDA which shall commence on 1st December 2018 until further notice. Please read to these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) as it forms a binding legal agreement between you and XOX in respect to this promo. This promo is open to all eligible XOX Subscribers.



The Campaign is open to all Malaysian citizens with at least 18 years of age (hereinafter referred to as “Participant(s)”) subject to fulfilling the criteria’s stated below:


1.       Existing XOX Subscribers must be active for a minimum period of SIX (6) months prior to his/her birthday month as illustrated below in table;

2.       Existing XOX Subscribers with purchase of selected deal(s) offered in the Campaign during his/her birthday month (hereinafter referred to as “Purchase(s)”); and

3.       Birthday month shall include 1st to 28th/29th (February only) or 30th/31st the end of same calendar month of birthday according to the Malaysian identification card (MyKad).



1.       Participant(s) shall be entitled to purchase the special Birthday promo up to a maximum of TWO (2) times during their birthday month by sending SP BDAY50 to 23388 or 22111.

2.       Kindly visit our XOX Malaysia Facebook Page/Official Website for the latest updates on our special Birthday promo package(s).

3.       This entitlement is non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash and/or credit.

4.       The special Birthday promo that has been purchased shall be credited to the registered mobile number of the Participant(s) who shall fulfil the criteria’s stated in Clauses 1 to 3.

5.       The Participation is open to all XOX Subscribers including permanent, contract and/or temporary staff or employees of XOX and their immediate family members (i.e. spouses, children, parents, brothers and sisters).

6.       The participation is not open to new Subscribers, XOX Dealers & ONEXOX Dealers.

7.       XOX reserves the right at its sole discretion to disqualify any Participant(s) that it determines to be tampering with the entry process, or to be acting in breach or potential breach of these Terms and Conditions.

8.       XOX shall not be held responsible from the Purchase(s).

9.       If any provision of these terms and conditions are held unenforceable, then such provision shall be modified to reflect XOX intention. All remaining provisions of these terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect.

10.   These terms and conditions shall be governed by the Laws of Malaysia and each party shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations hereto and in the event of any litigation thereto shall be submitted only to the jurisdiction of either the Courts of Kuala Lumpur and/or Selangor.

11.   By participating in this Campaign, the Participant(s) are believed to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions herein and agree that any and all decisions made by XOX in relation to every aspect of this Campaign shall be final.

12.   XOX reserves the right to change the terms and conditions stated herein at any time without prior notice.

13.   Entitlement is at the sole discretion of XOX whose decision is final.



1.       This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Malaysia Government, without reference to conflicts of law rules. If any provision of this Agreement is found invalid or unenforceable, that provision shall be enforced to the maximum extent possible, and the other provisions contained herein will remain in full force and effect. The failure by XOX MOBILE to insist upon or enforce strict performance of any provision of the Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of any provision or right. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and XOX MOBILE with respect to the ‘User Get User - Referral Programme’.

2.       All disputes and claims arising out of, or relating to this Agreement, which cannot be settled amicably by negotiation between the parties shall be filed in the proper courts of Kuala Lumpur, to the exclusion of all courts and venues. This Agreement shall be interpreted, construed in accordance with, and governed by Malaysia law.

3.       XOX MOBILE reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue, vary, modify terminate, and/or add on to all or any part of the Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice. The Terms and Conditions stated herein shall continue to apply subject to any changes, amendments, modifications, suspensions, continuations, variations, modifications, terminations and/or additions contained in this document and shall be read and construed to be enforceable as if such changes, amendments, modifications, suspensions, continuations, variations, modifications, terminations and/or additions were inserted in the document.



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